Hi! I am Amoury aka Ansar Memon.


I'm a software engineer with a strong focus in the frontend technologies. I am from Bangalore, India and have been living in Dubai for more than 10 years.


My journey is a little different than most. I completed my graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering and then went on to complete my post graduation in Finance. At the beginning of my career, I worked as a Product Specialist for Medical devices and left that industry after 4 years to start a Digital agency with an amazingly creative friend.

Before this, I have always been the left brained guy, logical but severely lacked taste in design and art. I believe working hand in hand with the creatives and artists made me more of a right brained person. I started noticing the details. Apart from getting an experience of running my own business and wearing multiple hats at a time, it also opened my eyes to the world of design and typography.


After a very promising start and a smooth ride for a good couple of years, our business started struggling and it failed miserably after 5 years. Although the failure felt very bitter in that moment and hurt our egos badly, I would still attribute my fastest and most growth as a person to this bit of my career.


The experience I gained from running this business changed my perspective to a lot of things in life.


Beginning of a career in tech...


While running the agency, there were moments where we were short of time or resources. These are times that teach you the most about being resourceful and end up discovering things about yourself that you never knew before. I started learning and working on WordPress projects to cut down on budgets from hiring freelancers or to make sure we could deliver on time.


Since I was young, I have always been into computers and hacking my way around to get things done on the computer but never really considered any interest in programming. So once I started working on these web projects, I realized I really loved working on them. Although I struggled and heavily relied on Stack overflow (not that I don't rely on that anymore, but still), it actually forged a way for me to learn this craft in depth.


I picked up web development from the very basics, downloaded all the free books I could, started learning through youtube and other tutorials. Last one year of my business, I dedicated most of my time to learning and building software projects. At that point, I knew I wanted to build my career in development.


Talking to my friends and family made me doubt this choice. I had no idea if I will ever make it into tech without any past experience. I always felt I was too late to learn this and that tech industry only had a place for the young and smart computer graduates.


But in my mind, I always felt happy while building software projects / learning new stacks and tools. So I decided to pursue it and see how it turns out. This turned out to be a great decision. Once I started applying for jobs and getting interviews, it felt promising.


I got my first tech job at Namshi, and that changed everything. My learning just accelerated and I was picking up new things at much faster pace than ever before. I made it a habit to learn from everywhere and everyone. I have been enjoying working on projects every single day. It almost feels like now I am being paid to do what I would have done anyways, and for that I am grateful every single day.